Content Writing Services

I can write better than anybody who can write faster, and I can write faster than anybody who can write better."

- A. J. Liebling (1904-1963)

Well, this is true in our case too. We are better and faster in delivering the goods. We have professional writers who are witty and smart who know how to spin a yarn about anything and everything under the blue sky. They know what they are doing, and can completely do justice to your brand, company, service or offering.

After all, words matter.

Here is what we can deliver as part of our creative writing, business writing and copywriting gigs:

  • Article or Blog Writing
    • Comprehensive blog management inclusive of writing, images, and posting
    • Veteran writers across domains and industries
    • SEO-based content with keywords
    • 100% unique, original content
    • Unlimited edits and revisions
  • Create brand taglines along with concepts
    • Drive direct conversions
    • Unlimited revisions and copies
    • Unique, original taglines
    • Experienced in several domains and industries
    • Prompt delivery and reasonable budget
  • Marketing collateral
    • Create brochures and leaflets for branding
    • Adroit in offline and online content pieces
    • Niche handouts for promotional events
    • Banner content for discounts and offers
  • Visual presentations
    • Interactive presentations for brands and services
    • Campaign rollout plans
    • Introduction to Corporate Structure and Overview
  • Website content
    • Content for e-commerce stores and product catalogs
    • Content copy for advertising and online banners
    • Taglines for brands and product pages
    • Profiles and Process-Oriented Descriptions

Benefits with the BARD!

  • Well Researched Content (We Google efficiently!)
  • 100% Unique, Non-Plagiarised Content (We are highly original!)
  • SEO-friendly Content (Coz Google matters too)
  • Multiple Revisions (We Stick to What you Need)
  • Quick Turnaround Time (A Couple of Days Max)
  • Cost-effective (Yet Effective and Reasonable, we think)

Our writing manifests itself in varied ways – blogs, mailers, ad copies, website content, and so on, and we have expert writers on board who can leverage your identity in more ways than one.

We keep the overall content conversational, relaxed with changes in tone as preferred by clients worldwide. Additionally, web development companies can depend on us to make the most of their online presence, as we leverage SEO and other digital marketing strategies inhouse to deliver immense, consistent exposure for your business.

Let us know how we can use our words to your advantage, today!

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